Company History

Berry Concrete was founded in May of 1988 with just two employees. Since then the company has grown from two employees to over 30 full time employees. Berry Concrete has become the area's leader in complete quality, professional concrete construction in residential, decorative, commercial, industrial and mine concrete construction.

The company became a dealer of Increte Decorative Products in 1992 and Q.C. Decorative Products in 2003. In 1996, Berry Concrete became Morton Buildings' approved installer of concrete and became an O'Reilly Autoparts excavation and concrete contractor in 1999. The company received awards from Bed, Bath & Beyond for Super Flat Floors in 2003.
Berry Concrete is used exclusively by Knight Hawk Coal for their concrete improvements and maintenance since 1998. In addition, Berry Concrete is used exclusively by DBT of America for all concrete work.

For nearly 20 years, Berry Concrete Construction has become the area's leader in complete professional concrete construction. Our Vision is to provide our customers with quality and professional service that keeps them as customers for the future.

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